August 18, 2021

Influenza Vaccine Helps Reduce Some Severe Outcomes From COVID-19

When pharmacists administer influenza shots, they also appear to be helping recipients reduce the risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19, according to a new retrospective cohort analysis. Find out how much less likely flu vaccine recipients were to have strokes or develop sepsis or deep vein thrombosis, as well as to have to visit emergency departments or end up in critical care.


Liraglutide Reduces Visceral, Ectopic Fat to Improve
CVD Outcomes

A common weight-loss drug doesn’t just reduce fat overall but specifically lowers two types of fat—visceral and ectopic—that strongly influence heart health in obese patients without diabetes who are high cardiovascular risk, according to a new study. Here is more information.

Keeping Asthma Controlled Reduces Severe Outcomes From COVID-19 Infection

Asthma patients often fear that COVID-19 will be more severe for them because of their respiratory condition. That might not be the case, however, according to a new study, if asthma is well controlled. Find out why the authors strongly recommend that asthma patients continue to use controller medication during SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks.


Androgen-Receptor Inhibitors for Prostate Cancer Okay for Men Aged 80 Years and Older

More and more older patients are requiring treatment for prostate cancer. A new FDA review looked at whether second-generation androgen-receptor inhibitors are effective and safe in men aged 80 years and older. Here are more details on what they found.

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