September 22, 2021

Here Are the Common Lingering Symptoms After COVID-19 Recovery

About two-thirds of COVID-19 survivors report lingering symptoms, according to a new CDC-commissioned survey. Find out what the most common complaints are and how survey respondents said receiving a vaccine affected their symptoms. 


Pharmacy Group Supports Lower Drug Prices; Opposes
More Imports

The nation’s largest pharmacy group said it is all for White House initiatives to lower drug costs but stopped short on the issue of encouraging drug imports. The American Pharmacists Association warned of threats to patient safety and supply-chain integrity. Here is more information. 

Swedish Population Study Supports Link Between CRC, Use of Antibiotics

Past research has suggested a link between antibiotic use and the development of colorectal cancer (CRC). A new Swedish population study supports that association, saying it found a meaningful connection between the two, positing that alterations to the gut microbiota might be an issue. Here are more details.


Specialty Psoriasis Therapies Often Too Costly for Many
Medicare Patients

Specialty psoriasis drugs, including biologics and oral small-molecule inhibitors, not only help control symptoms but also appear to lower the risk of comorbidities such as psoriatic arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Find out why, despite those benefits, some Medicare patients who need the therapies can’t get them because of high-cost structures.

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