June 1, 2022 

Inappropriate Antibiotic Use Has Higher Risk of ADRs

The costs of inappropriate use of antibiotics prescribed to children are not just financial—they are also societal. Inappropriate antibiotics prescribed to pediatric outpatients, whether they have bacterial or viral infections, are not only expensive, but they significantly increase the risk of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in children. Learn more about what a recent study has to say about the overuse of these medications.


Post-COVID Conditions Reported in at Least 20% of Survivors

Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals should add a routine question to their response when evaluating a newly reported symptom: Have you had COVID-19? A new CDC study indicated that one-fourth of novel coronavirus survivors aged 65 years and older and one-fifth of younger adults have some version of "long COVID". Additionally, it provided information on the most common conditions. Read more.

Polypharmacy Risky for Older Patients Initiating Cancer Treatment

As dangerous as polypharmacy can be for older patients in general, it is even riskier for those beginning cancer treatment, according to a new study. Find out how common it was for participants aged 70 years or older to be taking multiple drugs, some of which put them at risk for serious adverse drug reactions or interfered with cancer therapy.


Excluding Pharmacists from COVID Antiviral Prescribing Hurts Most Vulnerable

Pharmacy groups strongly objected when the FDA specifically excluded their members' ability to prescribe oral antivirals for COVID-19, such as Paxlovid. With rampant underuse of these medications now, the American Pharmacists Association commissioned an analysis showing how much limiting pharmacists' ability to prescribe has especially hurt underserved communities in the United States. Read more.

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