August 10, 2022

Patients With COVID-19 Relapse Should Isolate to Protect Others

Pharmacists can reassure patients with rebound COVID-19 after Paxlovid treatment that the symptoms tend to be mild, but patients should isolate themselves per CDC guidelines. They should also urge them to follow public health guidelines on isolating themselves to protect others. Find out why the rebound cases have not affected the recommendation to prescribe Paxlovid to eligible patients.


Obtaining Treatment for Eligible Monkeypox Patients

Obtaining treatment for monkeypox patients can be complex, but it is possible, according to new CDC guidance. Clinicians and care facility pharmacists are urged to contact their state/territorial health department or the CDC to obtain tecovirimat, also known as TPOXX or ST-246. Here are more details.

Millions of Vaccine Doses Targeting COVID-19 Variants Purchased

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers were urged to produce boosters that could target recent Omicron subvariants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They complied, and the federal government has agreed to purchases millions of doses for use this fall. Whether more can be obtained—essentially enough to cover everyone in the United States—will be determined by the resolution of a funding dispute with Congress. Read more.


BP Readings From Both Arms Found More Hypertension Cases

Blood pressure (BP) should be measured in both arms, and the higher reading should be adopted to improve hypertension diagnosis and management. The guidelines urge clinicians to measure BP using both arms, but the recommendation is often discounted. A new study determined that this practice is important, and many more cases of hypertension can be identified. Read more.

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