June 13, 2012
  • Unintended Consequences Could Result From Reclassifying Hydrocodone

    Leading pharmacy groups say that reclassifying hydrocodone products as schedule II drugs probably won’t cut down on opioid abuse but, instead, will likely prevent timely delivery of pain medications to patients who legitimately need them. Find out what they also warn about the increasing expenses involved for community pharmacies. Read more…

  • Warn Customers That Tooth Pain Gel Can Endanger Children, Some Adults

    A tiny tube of benzocaine can be more dangerous than it looks if used by small children and some adults with comorbidities. That is according to the FDA, which issued new warnings about use of the products. Read more about the hazards. 

  • Pharmacist Counseling Improves Adherence With
    High-Cholesterol Medications

    A couple of counseling sessions from a pharmacist can make a big difference in how likely patients are to regularly take statins prescribed for high cholesterol. What issues should you discuss to help customers stick to their drug regimens? Read more…

  • Is Pioglitazone Alone in Increasing Bladder Cancer Risk? New Studies Disagree

    Recent studies bolster concerns that the diabetic drug pioglitazone, marketed as Actos, increases the risk of bladder cancer in patients taking it in larger dosages or over longer periods of time. Debate continues, however, on whether the effect is drug-specific or class-specific. Read more…

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