July 25, 2012
  • CDC: Trained Pharmacists Must Be Involved in
    Dividing Single-Use Vials

    Drug shortages have providers scrambling for ways to provide needed therapeutics for their patients. Some have chosen a potentially dangerous path: dividing single-dose vials or single-use medications for administration to multiple patients. Here’s why the CDC warns that trained pharmacists must be involved in any efforts to divide SDVs. Read more…

  • Just Approved Prophylaxis Agent Opens New Front
    in HIV War

    With detailed government guidelines expected later this year, it is not yet clear how many prescriptions pharmacists will be filling for Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP) in the short term. There is little question, however, that the first drug approved as a prophylaxis for HIV will dramatically change management of the disease over the long term. Find out the specifics here. 

  • Claim That DMAA Is Made From Flowers Doesn’t
    Smell So Sweet

    Manufacturers of dietary supplements containing dimethylamylamine have argued for years that they were selling a natural product that did not require FDA approval. Those claims are being called into question both by an FDA inquiry, and new research that found no evidence the compounds were derived from geraniums. What did study authors suggest about labeling the supplements on drugstore shelves? Read more…

  • Anemia Diagnosis Not Necessary to Recommend Iron
    for Fatigued Women

    How should pharmacists counsel customers who ask if iron supplements might help their fatigue? A new Swiss study suggests that prolonged-release ferrous sulfate supplementation can benefit menstruating women who have some anemia symptoms but whose blood levels don’t meet clinical definitions of the condition. Here are the details. 

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