August 1, 2012
  • Preparing Early for This Year's Flu Vaccine Season

    A lot of Americans need to be vaccinated against influenza this season, and the largest manufacturer of the vaccine has already started shipping out supplies to give pharmacists a head start. Read more to find out about what vaccines will be available this year, as well as new information from the CDC. Read more…

  • FDA Approves Lower Volume Bowel Prep
    for Colonoscopies

    Pharmacists know well that look of dread when a patient is handed a jug of liquid to use for bowel preparation before a colonoscopy. An option with much smaller volume has just been approved by the FDA, but patients must be warned to consume additional fluids with it. Here are the details.

  • Phosphate Binders May Have Undesired Effects
    in CKD Sufferers

    Phosphate binders do a good job of lowering urinary phosphorous levels in patients with chronic kidney disease, but the risks may not be worth the benefit. Find out about a new study suggesting that not only are the drugs less effective than previously thought, but they also can lead to greater risk for heart disease. Read more…

  • Physician-Dispensed Drugs Much More Expensive
    Than Pharmacy Versions

    Many physician groups are adamant that pharmacists shouldn't encroach on their territory, opposing government proposals that would allow the dispensing and refills of "safe" drugs without prescription. But what about when physicians step on pharmacists' turf by dispensing drugs? A new study questions whether it is ever cost-effective for physicians to do that. Here are the details. 

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