August 15, 2012
  • FDA Approves Generic Version of Singulair;
    Supply Is on the Way

    Earlier this month, the FDA approved the first generic versions of Singulair. With demand expected to increase for the popular asthma and allergy medication, some manufacturers began shipping out product almost immediately. Here is what pharmacists can expect. 

  • Pharmacist, Nurses Team Up to Verify
    Hospital Patients’ Medication Lists

    Hospital admissions and discharges can be confusing for patients, and errors can easily be made, especially on medication lists. Using pharmacist-nurse teams can be an effective solution, according to a new Johns Hopkins study.
    Here are the details.

  • Corticosteroids Not That Effective for Acute Sinusitis

    Corticosteroids, whether systemic or inhaled, are often prescribed for acute sinusitis. The theory is that the anti-inflammatory action should provide patients with some relief. In reality, a new study finds, the treatment regimen has little or no clinical benefit. Read more…

  • When Taking Drugs With Grapefruit
    Juice Can Be Beneficial

    Grapefruit’s ability to increase blood levels of certain drugs is usually considered a bad thing, and pharmacists often warn customers to avoid taking certain drugs with the citrus juice. But are there situations when combining drugs with grapefruit juice can be favorable by mitigating unpleasant side effects and high costs? That is what University of Chicago researchers sought to find out.
    Here are the details. 

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