August 22, 2012
  • Two Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Associated With Liver Injury in New Study

    A new study has found an association between two commonly used broad-spectrum antibiotics and an increased risk of severe liver injury in older patients. One of those drugs already has been the subject of warnings from health groups outside of the United States. How concerned should pharmacists be?

  • Study: An Aspirin a Day Could Help Keep Cancer Mortality at Bay

    With the billions spent to try to effectively combat cancer, could one potential solution be already sitting on pharmacy shelves and selling for pocket change? Possibly so, according to a new study that says an aspirin a day could reduce cancer deaths. Here's what the authors have to say.

  • Program Significantly Reduces Antibiotic Usage in Pediatric Hospitals

    How does an antibiotic stewardship program work in the pediatric hospital setting? That was the question researchers sought to answer using a prospective-audit-with-feedback program at 25 children’s hospitals. Hospital pharmacists might be surprised at how successful it was. Read more…

  • CDC Offers Guidance on Effective Swine Flu Treatment

    Swine flu cases are on the upswing this summer, especially among those who are exposed to pigs. One problem is that the influenza strain can be hard to detect, and some antivirals drugs do not combat it. Find out what the CDC has to say about optimal treatment for the illness.

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