September 5, 2012
  • New Antiplatelet Therapy Research Holds
    Some Surprises

    Which is safer and more effective in preventing cardiovascular events—prasugrel or clopidogrel? When should dual antiplatelet therapy be used to prevent recurrent stroke? Those are two of the questions addressed in new research. Pharmacists might be surprised by some of the answers. Read more.  

  • Pharmacists on the Front Lines of Osteoarthritis Care

    When it comes to ameliorating symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee, a collaborative approach works best, according to a new Canadian study. For the research, pharmacists identified OA sufferers and made sure they received  appropriate care. Find out how much those patients improved. 

  • Whose Practices Are ‘Opaque?’ PBM Lobby Attacks Independent Pharmacies

    A pharmacy benefit manager advocacy group is pulling no punches in its charges against independent pharmacists, accusing them of everything from “opaque business practices” to “improper behavior.” The National Community Pharmacists Association calls those charges “distorted.” Here’s what the group had to say about the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association finger pointing.

  • Illinois Lowers Age for Pharmacist Vaccinations to Combat Outbreaks

    As states try to combat increasing rates of infectious diseases such as pertussis, expanding pharmacy-administered immunizations is being seen as one weapon in the battle. Illinois is the latest state to lower the age at which children can be vaccinated at their local drugstore. Here’s why.

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