October 17, 2012
  • When to Watch Out for Vaccination-Related
    Needlestick Injuries

    When are pharmacists providing immunizations at the most danger of needlestick injuries? A new study answers that question in a review of unintended needle pricks over an 11-year period at a nationwide retail
    pharmacy chain.  

  • Compounding Pharmacies Under Spotlight With Fungal Meningitis Cases

    With a growing number of fungal meningitis cases associated with possibly contaminated medications, scrutiny of compounding pharmacies and how they are regulated is intensifying. Here is important information on how pharmacies should handle products from the New England Compounding Center, which produced the injectable steroids under question.  

  • Pharmacies May Need to Upgrade Equipment for
    Vaccine Storage

    Many pharmacies will face new expenses to comply with recently issued guidance on vaccine storage. Find out why the CDC says that home refrigeration units are not safe for keeping fragile biologics such as vaccines.

  • New Anticoagulant May Make Risk-Scoring Systems
    Less Relevant

    Treatment decisions for patients with atrial fibrillation with at least one risk factor for stroke are becoming simpler with new anticoagulants, according to a new study. The authors explain why apixaban is safer than warfarin and possibly a more attractive option than aspirin for treatment of these patients.

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