October 24, 2012
  • Drugs Maintained Potency Even Decades After
    Expiration Dates

    For pharmacists who wonder if they are tossing out perfectly good drugs at the labeled expiration date, here’s the answer to their question. A new study found that drugs more than 2 decades old had retained 90% of potency posted on the label as required by the FDA. Read on for more details.

  • Intensive Monotherapy With Certain Statins Most Effective for Dyslipidemia

    Drug combinations are often no more valuable than simply increasing a statin dose in protecting dyslipidemia patients against cardiovascular problems, according to a new review. Which statins work better in higher doses and were recommended for intensive monotherapy?

  • Nonprescription Drugs as Likely to Poison Patients
    as Prescriptions

    While much of the focus recently has been on opioids and their overdose potential, a new study calls for more attention to nonprescription drugs in patients. That study found that drugs sold on open shelves are just as likely to be a cause of poisoning as prescription drugs. Here is what the authors say.  

  • Many Patients Don’t Consult With Pharmacists Despite Knowledge of Their Training

    Pharmacists’ expertise in medication management is well known, but many patients fail to take advantage of it. That’s according to a new survey that found respondents more likely to consult the Internet than their local pharmacists on health concerns. Find out what else the survey had to say.

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