November 21, 2012
  • Long-Term Use of Contraceptives Benefits Cognition
    in Older Women

    Prevention of pregnancy may be the primary reason among many that women take hormonal contraceptives, but the pills may have yet another, less known, benefit. A new study found that women who used that form of contraception showed cognitive advantages over women who had never taken them and that positive effects increased with longer use. Here are the details.  

  • Longer Acting Insulin Moves Closer to FDA Approval

    Insulin that can last more than 24 hours took another step toward approval with positive recommendations from an FDA advisory committee for two products. There were some conditions, however. Find out what the panel had to say.  

  • Patients Received Too Much Acetaminophen at Two Hospitals, Records Show

    Overuse of acetaminophen is a known public health problem that can lead to liver failure. Now, a new study suggests that supratherapeutic doses can even happen in hospitals, where drug use is monitored. Here is information on how a surprising number of patients received more than therapeutic dosages at two academic tertiary hospitals.

  • NY Pharmacists Allowed to Administer Tetanus Shots in Sandy’s Wake

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order giving pharmacists and other health professionals dispensation to administer tetanus shots because of concerns about risks to storm clean-up participants. Here are the details and why an executive order wasn’t necessary in New Jersey and other states.

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