January 16, 2013
  • CDC Urges Flu Shots for Unvaccinated as Illnesses Surge

    Don't be surprised if customers are backed up, waiting for flu shots at your pharmacy. With widespread flu activity in the vast majority of states, the CDC is pushing vaccination, even though it may be relatively late in the flu season. While CDC can't predict when flu cases will peak, the agency offered some critical information about this flu season and the second line of defense when vaccines fail.

  • American Heart Association Joins With Group Advocating Safer NSAIDs Use

    Many of the 23 million Americans who use NSAIDs on a daily basis for pain relief and reduction of fever and inflammation, may never give the risks a second thought. That's why an advocacy group is trying to inform health care professionals and patients that, while NSAIDS are relatively safe when used properly, they can cause severe adverse events involving the heart, digestive system and kidneys in some circumstances. Now, the American Heart Association has put its weight behind the education campaign on the potential dangers of the anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Why Do Prescribers Opt for Brand Name Drugs When Generics Are Available? Survey Offers Some Clues

    Pharmacists see it all the time: a prescription stipulating a brand name drug even though a less-expensive generic is available. A new survey suggests that patient requests are behind many of those prescriptions, but that may not be the whole story. Find out what other factors may influence the decision.

  • New Scoring System Suggested for Using Acid-Suppressives Outside the ICU

    When to use acid-suppressive medications in non-ICU patients can be a dilemma for hospital pharmacists and other practitioners. Now, a new study reports on the development of a scoring system to better identify those patients who are at risk for gastrointestinal bleeding. Here are the details.

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