February 13, 2013
  • Too Much Calcium Supplementation Linked to Heart Disease Deaths in Men

    When it comes to calcium supplementation in older men, “the more the better” may not be good advice. A new study found a higher risk of cardiovascular disease among men, but not women, who took more than 1,000 mg a day. Here are the details.

  • Adult Misuse of ADHD Stimulants Leads to Increased Emergency Visits

    Pharmacists and other health professionals are being asked to focus on adults as well as children when cautioning about the dangers of misuse of ADHD drugs. A new government study shows a significant increase in emergency visits related to the stimulants, especially when they are combined with other pharmaceuticals. What drug combinations were most likely to create emergencies?

  • Constipation in the Elderly: What Works and
    What Doesn’t

    Older customers frequently ask pharmacists what to do to resolve constipation issues. A new review of treatments offers some possible answers for elderly patients, who can suffer serious health effects. What therapies were found to be most beneficial?

  • OTC Patch for Overactive Bladder in Women
    Available in Fall

    Here’s an answer for women who ask pharmacists for help with urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, or frequent urination. Later this year, they will be able to purchase an OTC patch to help control those symptoms. The FDA recently approved Oxytrol for Women as an OTC product, and it is expected to be in stores by fall. Read on for more details.

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