February 27, 2013
  • Pre-emptive Pyridoxine/Doxylamine More Effective in Severe Morning Sickness

    Waiting until the appearance of the first signs of hyperemesis gravidarum or other severe morning sickness may be too late, according to a new study. Canadian researchers recommend proactively administering pyridoxine/doxylamine in women at high risk for the condition. Here’s why that is probably easier in Canada than the United States.

  • New Bill: Pharmacies, But Not Pharmacists, Must Dispense Birth Control

    Under a new bill introduced in Congress, a pharmacist can refuse to dispense birth control because of personal or religious convictions, but the pharmacy must still make sure the products are provided to the customer. What else does the proposed Access to Birth Control Act say?

  • Shorter Course Antibiotic Effective for Resistant
    Skin Infection

    Acute bacterial skin infections often send patients to the hospital and, without effective treatment, can be life-threatening. Currently, only one antibiotic is approved to treat those conditions. Find out about a new antibiotic that was statistically as effective with a shorter course.

  • Risk of Dying Doubles for Women With Highest
    Calcium Intake

    Too much calcium in women is associated with a higher risk of death from all causes but especially cardiovascular disease, according to a Swedish study—the latest raising questions about how to safely use calcium supplements. Here is how researchers suggest that pharmacists and other health professionals advise women inquiring about whether they need to increase their calcium levels to protect their bones.

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