April 10, 2013
  • Most Patients Tolerate Statins When Resuming
    After Discontinuation

    Patients discontinuing statins because of adverse reactions should be counseled that such an incident doesn’t mean the drugs should be discontinued forever and that the solution could be a lower dose or a different statin. That’s according to a new study that found overwhelming tolerance for statin therapy in patients who had previously discontinued. Here are the details.

  • FDA Lifts Some Warnings for OTC Nicotine
    Replacement Therapy

    Pharmacists no longer need to counsel smokers to discontinue nicotine replacement therapy if they are still smoking, chewing tobacco, using snuff or employing any other product containing nicotine. Why did the FDA change its guidance and how can that help consumers?

  • Less Common Loop Diuretic Demonstrates
    Greatest Benefits

    Furosemide is the most commonly used loop diuretic for patients hospitalized with heart failure, but Yale School of Medicine researchers suggest that another drug may be preferred. Find out why the researchers recommend that torsemide should be considered instead.

  • Migraines With Aura Could Make Contraceptives Riskier

    A presentation at the recent American Academy of Neurology Annual meeting suggested higher rates of thrombotic complications could result when combined hormonal contraceptives are used by women suffering migraine headaches with aura. Here’s why the researchers posited that newer contraceptive agents may be even more risky.

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