June 5, 2013
  • Web-Based Pharmacist Care Significantly
    Improves BP Control

    Being able to communicate with a pharmacy team online is much more effective in helping patients keep their severe hypertension under control. That’s according to a study of hundreds of Group Health patients. Find out how much more benefit was offered by the pharmacy intervention compared to other alternatives.

  • Which Statins Most Increase Risk of New-Onset
    Diabetes in Users?

    Should patient risk for developing diabetes be a factor in determining which statin to prescribe? A large study out of Canada suggests it should. Which statins were associated with higher risk for new-onset diabetes and which ones actually lowered that risk?

  • New Guidelines Promote Increased Safety for
    Inpatient Anticoagulation

    Anticoagulation use in the hospital can present some dangers, as evidenced by a statistic showing that nearly 7% of inpatient medication errors are related to blood thinners. New guidelines, however, offer an eight-step plan to improve how the essential medications are administered.

  • Glucosamine Supplements Raise Intraocular Pressure
    in Glaucoma

    Glucosamine supplements, often combined with chondroitin sulfate and popular for arthritis symptoms, could have unexpected side effects in patients with glaucoma. A small study demonstrates increases in intraocular pressure with glucosamine treatment. Even though the effect appears to be reversible with discontinuation of the supplements, study authors warn that the long-term effects remain unknown.

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