June 19, 2013
  • Dementia Linked to Hypoglycemia in Older Patients
    With Diabetes

    When older patients with diabetes present with dementia, a review of their glucose-lowering therapy might be in order. That’s according to a new study finding an association between hypoglycemic events and development of dementia in older patients, as well as a commentary suggesting that too-aggressive treatment could be involved. Here are the details.

  • Study: Kidney Disease Should Be Considered in Fluoroquinoline Prescribing

    Prescribers too often disregard kidney failure risks associated with fluoroquinoline prescribing, despite warning labels. That’s according to a new pharmacist-led study that found a twofold increase in risk of acute kidney disease with use of the antibiotics. Find out what the authors have to say about the results.

  • Should Preventative Aspirin Use Broaden Because of Cancer Protection?

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force currently recommends aspirin for primary prevention in men only when the potential benefit of reducing cardiovascular risks outweighs adverse gastrointestinal effects. A new study, led by a new member of the task force, asks whether aspirin’s role in cancer prevention should change that equation. Find out more about the pros and cons.

  • Panel Recommends Keeping Avandia Available for Certain Patients

    Will Avandia be back on regular pharmacy shelves anytime soon? That’s not clear at this point, but the majority of an FDA advisory committee voted to either modify or remove the most severe restrictions on the controversial diabetes drug. Here’s information on the committee’s action and the FDA’s next steps.

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