July 17, 2013
  • Soy Supplements Don’t Reduce, Delay
    Prostate Cancer Recurrence

    Powdered soy supplements likely are not having the desired effect when used by men to reduce their risk of prostate cancer recurrence. That’s according to a new study, which showed no statistically significant differences in recurrence among men ingesting the soy supplements over 2 years compared to those taking a placebo. Here are the details.

  • Study Says Two ARBs Are Best for Patients
    With Diabetes

    All angiotensin-receptor blockers may not be equal when it comes to treating patients with diabetes for high blood pressure. A study out of Toronto suggests that two drugs are more effective in lowering risk of hospitalization for heart attack, stroke, and heart failure in these patients. Find out which ARBs the authors recommend.

  • Despite Sometimes Bad Press, Statins Have
    Few Side Effects

    Reports about potentially dangerous side effects from statins are regularly in the news. A recent study suggests, however, that all of the sound and fury may not signify much, and that statins’ benefits far outweigh their downsides. Find out what the authors have to say after reviewing more than a hundred previous trials.

  • The FDA Adds Warning for Intestinal Symptoms Related to Olmesartan Therapies

    Pharmacists filling prescriptions for Benicar and similar blood pressure medications should caution patients about the potential for severe gastrointestinal symptoms that can occur months, or even years, after initiating therapy. The FDA is adding a warning label to drugs containing olmesartan medoxomil, saying that they have been linked to sprue-like enteropathy in some patients. Here are the details.

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