July 31, 2013
  • Convenience Factor Draws Parents to Retail Clinics Instead of Pediatricians

    A survey found that many of the children who visit retail clinics in drugstores already have established relationships with pediatricians. The reason is convenience, according to parents who responded to the survey. Find out what else they had to say about the advantages of retail clinics.

  • Rejection of Estrogen Therapy Linked to Thousands of Unnecessary Deaths in Last Decade

    Has widespread misunderstanding of the landmark 2002 Women’s Health Initiative study on hormone replacement contributed to thousands of deaths in the last decade? A new analysis argues that is the case. Here are more details on when estrogen therapy is appropriate for women and when it is not.

  • Medicare Could Save $1 Billion on Diabetes Drugs Annually With VA-Style Formulary

    Should the Veterans Health Administration formulary be a model for Medicare Part D? A new study finds that adopting a similar structure potentially could save $1 billion a year on brand name drugs for diabetes. Click here for details on the study and on how the VA formulary differs from the system used by Medicare.

  • Increased Risk of Death for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Calcium Phosphate Binders

    Noncalcium phosphate binders should be the first line of treatment for chronic kidney disease patients, according to a new study. Researchers found that calcium-based therapies increased these patients’ risk of death from heart disease by 22%. Here are the details.

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