August 21, 2013
  • Pharmacies Should Play Crucial Role in HIV Testing of Hard-to-Reach Individuals

    With about 20% of HIV-positive Americans unaware of their condition, New York City researchers looked for ways to increase diagnoses of hard-to-reach patients. To do so, they turned to locations widely considered to be accessible and trustworthy. Find out why their study says pharmacies should play a critical role in diagnosing HIV and making sure patients get treated. 

  • More Evidence That Metformin Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer Deaths in Diabetic Men

    Increasing evidence is emerging on the benefits of metformin for far more than just lowering blood sugar in patients with diabetes. A recent Canadian study says the widely prescribed drug is also effective in decreasing prostate cancer mortality in diabetic men. Here are the details.

  • Unprecedented Choice of Influenza Vaccines for
    2013-14 Season

    Americans seeking influenza vaccines, as well as the pharmacies providing the service, could face a confusing array of options this year, including five new products approved by the FDA for the 2013-14 season. Here are the latest recommendations and details on the new vaccines.

  • Broad Spectrum Varieties Are More Than 60% of Antibiotics Prescribed in Ambulatory Care

    When physicians determine a patient needs an antibiotic, they most often opt for a broad-spectrum formulation. That’s according to a new University of Utah study that warns about the dangers of overuse of antibiotics, especially those that can kill a range of pathogens. Pharmacists also might be surprised by how many of the cases where antibiotics were prescribed involved viral, not bacterial, infections.

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