October 23, 2013
  • First OTC Glucocorticoid Spray Approved for Nasal Allergy Treatment

    With FDA approval of Nasacort Allergy 24HR for nasal allergies, pharmacists should expect lots of queries from customers, including when the glucocorticoid nasal spray will be available for purchase. Here are the answers to that and other questions, such as when pediatric users should be urged to see a physician.

  • New Danish Study: Comforting News for Pregnant Women Treated for Uncontrolled Nausea

    Even though metoclopramide often is prescribed for expectant mothers whose persistent nausea cannot be controlled by other therapies, such as antihistamines or vitamin B6, limited data has existed on the drug’s safety in pregnancy. Now, some reassurance is offered by a large Danish study involving more than 25,000 infants born to mothers who had taken metroclopramide in the first trimester. Here are the details.

  • Study: Vitamin D Unnecessary to Prevent Osteoporosis in Healthy Adults

    How effective are vitamin D supplements taken by older adults to prevent osteoporosis? Not very, according to a meta-analysis by New Zealand researchers. While vitamin D may help the body absorb calcium, the study found that supplementation with that vitamin alone does little to mitigate bone density loss in healthy adults. Find out more.

  • Adding IV Acetaminophen Reduces Costs in
    Pediatric Tonsillectomy

    Here’s a way to improve pain control, reduce costs, and allow for quicker hospital discharge of pediatric patients undergoing tonsillectomies. A presentation at a national anesthesiology conference touts the benefits of adding IV acetaminophen to narcotics. What are the advantages?

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