December 11, 2013
  • Starting Jan. 1, California Law Expands Scope of Practice for Pharmacists

    Is a new California law expanding scope of practice for pharmacists an anomaly, or the beginning of a trend to use pharmacists to help meet increasing healthcare demand? Find out what the new law allows and how it creates advanced status recognition for pharmacists who want to do even more.

  • Higher Testosterone Doses Improve Women’s Posthysterectomy Symptoms

    Testosterone supplements may provide benefit for women as well as men, according to a new study. Researchers found that, at certain doses, the hormone helps improve symptoms such as sexual dysfunction, fatigue, low mood, and decreased muscle mass after surgical removal of the uterus and/or ovaries. Here are the details.

  • High Sodium Drug Formulations Could Raise Patients’ Cardiovascular Risks

    Making drugs effervescent, dispersible or soluble might make them easier to take, but it also can increase sodium intake beyond recommended levels. That’s according to a new study that finds a link between heart attack, stroke, or vascular death and use of the medications, which often include sodium bicarbonate. How much was cardiovascular risk increased?

  • ADHD Prescriptions for Children Increase 28% in
    Last 8 Years

    If pharmacists think they are filling a lot more prescriptions for ADHD drugs now than just a few years ago, they are absolutely correct. The number of children taking the medications increased 28% from 2003-2004 to 2011-2012, reaching more than 3.5 million, according to a report from CDC researchers. Find out what else the report says about ADHD diagnosis and treatment.


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