December 25, 2013
  • Cardiovascular Effects of Common Diabetes Drugs Vary by Gender

    When it comes to diabetes drugs, what’s good for the goose may not be what’s good for the gander. A new study finds significant differences in the cardiovascular effects of metformin and other drugs based on gender. Here are the details.

  • Generic Cymbalta Begins to Come on Market With
    FDA Approval

    With FDA approval of generic Cymbalta for depression, pharmacists should expect very quick availability, with some manufacturers saying they would begin shipping immediately. Find out which companies were quick off the mark.

  • Etomidate for Anesthesia Induction Increases Mortality

    A new study raises more safety concerns about the anesthesia drug etomidate. Compared to using propofol for noncardiac surgery, the agent more than doubled patient mortality rate over 30 days. Find out what other risks are involved.

  • Little Progress Made in Labeling Drugs for Neonates

    Legislation that has promoted more clinical studies in pediatric patients hasn’t done much to help drug administration in one vulnerable population: neonates. A new study finds that few labels provide information on how to use drugs in newborns, who are at high risk of adverse reactions. Here are the details.


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