February 12, 2014
  • Independent Pharmacies Top Rated in New Consumer Reports Survey

    Personalized service and a low error rates put independent pharmacies at the top of the list in a recent Consumer Reports magazine survey. What else did the magazine find about how consumers are using drugstores?

  • FDA Investigates Testosterone, CV Events After Second Study Shows Link

    A new study has again raised questions on how testosterone-replacement therapy affects cardiovascular (CV) health, and the FDA has put out a safety alert saying the safety of those products is being reassessed in light of the new findings. What do this study and one published in November say about CV risks in men with different ages and comorbidities?

  • Antidepressant Selection Does Not Change Suicide Risk in Children, Teens

    Is the risk for suicidal behavior in children and teens greater with some common antidepressants than others? A recent Vanderbilt University review looked at that question, using medical records of more than 35,000 young people. Here is what the researchers found.

  • Power Athletes Should Be Wary of Vitamin D2 Supplementation

    While the benefits of vitamin D continued to be debated, a new Appalachian State University study strongly recommends against use of the supplements by power athletes. Researchers were surprised by the results when they provided vitamin D2 supplements to NASCAR pit crew members. Find out what happened.


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