March 19, 2014
  • Children’s C. Difficile Usually Linked to
    Antibiotic Prescriptions

    Overprescription of antibiotics can have adverse consequences more immediate than resistance development. A new CDC study points out that the vast majority of C. difficile cases in children are caused by taking antibiotics prescribed for other conditions, many of which aren’t even helped by antibacterials. Here are the details.

  • Pharmacy Groups Disappointed Over CMS’ Part D
    Rule Pullback

    Pharmacy groups pushing to expand medication therapy management for Medicare Part D beneficiaries had the rug pulled out from under them when the Obama Administration abruptly changed course on the issue. Find out what eight major pharmacy groups were promoting and why the proposed rule was dropped.

  • Glucosamine Supplements Don’t Reduce Damage,
    Pain in Knees

    When asked about OTC products to help pain and cartilage damage in knees with osteoarthritis, pharmacists might consider taking glucosamine off the list. A new short-term study says the oral supplement doesn’t improve either of those symptoms. What other results came out of the study?

  • Study Says FDA Was Right: Some Antibiotics Riskier
    for Arrhythmia

    Authors of a new study are urging prescribers to be more cautious about antibiotic selection because of the risk of potentially fatal heart rhythms. Their review of more than 1.5 million antibiotic prescriptions for U.S. veterans suggests that both azithromycin and levofloxacin increase that risk compared to amoxicillin. Here are the results.


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