April 2, 2014
  • More States Considering Medication Synchronization Payment Legislation

    Some states have passed legislation requiring insurance companies to pay pharmacies for the extra costs associated with synchronization of drugs for customers—and many more are considering it. A new study, meanwhile, demonstrates the far-ranging benefits of the programs in improving prescription drug adherence. Here are the details.

  • Community Hospitals Often Use Inappropriate Antibiotics for Serious Bloodstream Infections

    Community hospitals face the same issues as tertiary care centers with serious bloodstream infections: growing drug resistance, a high prevalence of S. aureus bacteria, and the challenges of selecting the right antibiotic. In one of the first studies looking at serious bloodstream infections in local healthcare settings, Duke Medicine researchers found that community hospitals use inappropriate antibiotics about a third of the time. Here are the details.

  • Members of Congress Seek to Overturn Zohydro ER Approval, Limit FDA's Actions

    FDA approval of Zohydro ER for severe pain has been controversial because the hydrocodone bitartrate extended-release capsules do not have tamper-resistant features. Now, a bipartisan group of legislators is urging Congress to not only force FDA to overturn the approval but also to limit the agency's authority to approve such medications in the future. Find out who's involved and why they are so concerned.

  • Pediatric Study Finds Links Between ADHD Stimulants, Later Obesity

    Past research has raised questions about whether use of stimulants to treat ADHD could lead to growth deficits and possible developmental delays, but a new study cites another concern: that BMI could rebound in late adolescence, especially after discontinuation of the medication. The risk of that result intensifies the earlier the therapy begins and the longer it lasts, the researchers say, suggesting that could that be a factor in the obesity epidemic. Learn more.

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