May 7, 2014
  • Are Unhealthier Eating Habits Related to Statin Prescriptions?

    It may be unwarranted hubris or just a change in prescribing patterns, but statin users have increased their unhealthy eating habits over the last decade. A new study finds that patients diagnosed with high cholesterol do not make any better food choices than anyone else. Here are the details.

  • FDA: Stop Dispensing High-Dose Acetaminophen Combination Products

    If pharmacists get a prescription for one of the remaining high-dose acetaminophen combination products on their shelves, they shouldn’t fill it. Instead, the FDA urges a telephone call to the prescriber to discuss other options and immediate return of the products to the wholesaler or manufacturer. Find out how else the FDA is trying to reduce liver damage from high acetaminophen use.

  • Higher Dose Antidepressant Initiation Can Up Suicidal Behavior in Youths

    Initial prescriptions for high-dose antidepressants in children and young adults should raise some red flags. That’s according to a new study that finds that prescriptions at higher dosages than normal can elevate the risk of suicidal behavior in youths up to age 24. How much was the risk of deliberate self-harm increased?

  • More Medication Use Urged to Treat Opioid Addiction, Prevent Deaths

    Patients addicted to opioids should receive more drugs. That is the advice of top public health leaders who urged greater use of medications to treat opioid addiction and reduce overdose deaths. What therapies were targeted in the recommendations and what other measures are suggested to help manage the growing problem?

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