June 25, 2014
  • Purchasers of Nonprescription PPIs Need
    Pharmacist Advice

    OTC proton pump inhibitors are often inadvertently misused, according to a new study finding that the drugs were taken suboptimally or excessively in more than 60% of cases. The solution is better education by pharmacists and other health care providers, according to the researchers who make some very specific suggestions on how to do that. What do they recommend?

  • Levodopa Can Provide Better Mobility, Quality of Life Than Alternatives

    Is the tried-and-true Parkinson’s disease drug really better? That’s what a new study in The Lancet suggests. The authors say the drug, which has been in use for more than 50 years, still provides better mobility and higher quality of life than two of the alternatives. What are the downsides?

  • Little Benefit in Reducing Systolic Blood Pressure
    Below 120

    For years, medical associations and clinical guidelines have pushed the concept of “the lower the better” when it comes to therapy for high blood pressure. A new study finds a point of diminishing returns, however. At what point is systolic blood pressure low enough?

  • Most Older Patients Initiate Therapy for Nonmetastatic Breast Cancer

    While hormone therapy for nonmetastatic breast cancer may have a high 5-year dropout rate, most older patients comply with the recommendations of their oncologists and initiate treatment, according to a new study. That finding goes against conventional wisdom that initiation is low and failure to continue is high among women in the older age group. Here are the details.

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