August 20, 2014
  • Questions About Digoxin’s Safety in Treating
    Atrial Fibrillation 

    Although widely used to treat atrial fibrillation, digoxin increases patients’ risk of death compared to other drugs, according to a new veterans study. The researchers question whether the drug continues to be used because of its long history, not its efficacy. Here are the details.

  • Identification of Genetic Variants Linked to
    Phenytoin Skin Reactions 

    While an effective antiepileptic drug, phenytoin can sometimes cause severe skin conditions. New research identifying genetic variants associated with the adverse reaction may be a first step in predicting which patients can safely use the drug. What other factors raised the risk of cutaneous adverse reactions?

  • Breast Cancer Risk Increased by Specific Birth
    Control Pill Types

    A new study found increases in risk of breast cancer among recent users of certain types of birth control pills. The authors urge caution in applying the results too widely, however, noting that the risk does not exist for low-dose pills and that overall risk decreases when contraceptive pills are discontinued. What types of birth control pills were associated with greater incidence of breast cancer?

  • Practical Advice Helps Asthma Medication Adherence in Older Adults 

    A few simple suggestions potentially could help older patients with asthma improve adherence to their inhaled corticosteroids—which is critical because most asthma deaths occur in those older than 55. What tips should pharmacists and other health professionals offer, according to the authors of a new study?


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