September 10, 2014
  • Prototype Offers a Sneak Peek Into the Pharmacy
    of the Future 

    The old fashioned drugstore may look like a place designed for pharmacists to pour pills into bottles, but as pharmacy practice is changing so is the work setting. Understanding that, the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy has built a prototype of the pharmacy of the future. Here’s a sneak peak.

  • Older Adults Benefit From Antihypertensives, Despite Side Effects 

    Concerns about patient falls and other adverse side effects have caused some clinicians to think twice before prescribing antihypertensive therapy to older adults. That abundance of caution may be unnecessary, however, according to a new review that  suggests the medications are lifesaving for those 65 and older. Here are the details.

  • Burdens of Treatment Offset Benefit in Some Patients With Diabetes

    It may seem like a radical concept in an age of intensive glycemic control, but a new study suggests that some older patients with diabetes shouldn’t be treated at all aggressively if their HbA1c falls below 9%. That’s especially the case if the burdens of treatment are taken into effect, according to the research. How did the study authors come to that conclusion?

  • Hypertension Self-Management Works for Some High-Risk Patients 

    Allowing patients to measure their blood pressure at home and adjust their antihypertensive medications themselves can be a good option for many patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a new British study. Find out how much the self-titrating patients lowered their blood pressure and at what cost.

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