October 1, 2014
  • Metformin Could Cause Problems for
    Hypothyroidism Patients 

    Metformin has a good safety record, especially in light of its widespread use among patients with type 2 diabetes. For patients who also have hypothyroidism, the drug can present more problems than other therapies, however. Here are the details.

  • New Guidance on Pneumonia Vaccines for
    Older Adults 

    A CDC advisory committee now is recommending a second pneumonia immunization for older adults, who are most at risk of serious outcomes from the infectious disease. Find out what is now recommended for adults 65 and older and how the vaccine series should be administered.

  • Investigators Recommend Lowering Part B Fees;
    CMS Refuses

    The HHS inspector general's office strongly urged a decrease in Medicare Part B fees paid to pharmacists for dispensing certain inhalation and chemotherapy drugs, but CMS refused to consider the recommendation without further information—which probably is not forthcoming. Here is more information on the controversy. 

  • More Children End Up Hospitalized After Ingestion
    of Buprenorphine 

    A focus on preventing accidental ingestion of buprenorphine products would go a long way toward decreasing emergency department visits and hospitalization of children. That's according to a new study that found that buprenorphine is a far greater danger to small children than other commonly implicated medications. Especially surprising was the difference in the emergency hospital rate for buprenorphine products compared to oxycodone products.

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