November 12, 2014
  • Eczema Medications Linked to Greater Injury Rates
    in Patients 

    The drugs that provide some relief for the intense itching of eczema also have some significant downsides. Drugs for atopic dermatitis can put patients at greater risk of broken bones and other injuries, according to a new study. Here’s why the researchers recommend that those patients be strongly cautioned about the potential for injury.

  • When Should Patients With CV Disease Avoid
    Androgen-Deprivation Therapy?

    Because of a high rate of cardiovascular-related mortality, androgen-deprivation therapy should be used with caution in prostate cancer patients with heart failure or previous heart attacks, according to a new study. When do the researchers recommend that the hormone treatment be avoided all together?

  • Generics Increase Adherence 50% for Breast Cancer Hormone Therapy

    When the side effect of aromatase inhibitor therapy is a too-empty purse, women are less likely to stick to the regimen, even if it substantially reduces their breast cancer recurrence. That’s according to a new study, which finds that introduction of lower cost generics increased adherence by 50%. Here are the details.

  • Kidney Failure Patients Should Get Beta-Blockers Resistant to Dialysis 

    If certain beta-blockers are prescribed, kidney failure patients on dialysis may be getting little or no benefit from the medications, according to new research. Find out what beta-blockers are more and less likely to be filtered out by dialysis and why study authors think that dialyzability should be taken into consideration when selecting a beta-blocker for kidney failure patients.

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