January 14, 2015
  • New Guidelines: All Diabetes Patients Should
    Be on Statins 

    The question isn’t whether all people with diabetes should take statins—they should, according to new American Diabetes Association Standards of Care—but whether they should take a moderate or high dose. Here’s what the new guidelines say about determining the dosage.

  • Flu Hits Hard; Spot Shortages of Tamiflu
    Only Temporary 

    With this flu season coming on hard and fast, pharmacists have been deluged with influenza patients seeking antivirals, and spot shortages of Tamiflu have been reported in some areas. The issue is being swiftly remedied, however. The manufacturer released reserve stock, which should assure that national supplies remain adequate, and two other antivirals also are approved for use this flu season. Here are the details.

  • Even Mild Hypertension Should Be Treated to Avoid Cardiovascular Events

    Most of the new patients being diagnosed with clinically abnormal blood pressure have only mild hypertension, and there has been little consensus on whether they should be treated with drug therapy. A new review suggests, however, that even those patients are likely to show a reduction in major cardiovascular events and death when their blood pressure is kept under control. Here are the details.

  • Magazine Survey: Pharmacists Have Best Healthcare Job in U.S. 

    Who has the best healthcare job in the United States? Pharmacists do, according to Forbes magazine’s ranking of a list created by the search website CareerCast. Find out why the groups think pharmacy is such an ideal profession.


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