January 14, 2015
Magazine Survey: Pharmacists Have Best Healthcare
Job in U.S.

Carlsbad, CA—Pharmacists might be surprised, pleased, or both to find out they have the best healthcare job in the United States.

The search website CareerCast recently released a list of the 10 jobs it deems to be the best in healthcare, ranging from technicians to higher paying jobs such as pharmacist or podiatrist. To come up with the list, academics from the University of Wisconsin and CareerCast staffers used five different core criteria to rate each of 200 jobs, according to the website.

Among the criteria are income, hiring outlook, hazardous working environment, physical demands, competitiveness, and travel.

In including pharmacists on the list, the website points out, “While you may not consider their role to be critical, anyone who has ever desperately needed a prescription filled knows just how significant their work is—and they are handsomely rewarded for it with an average annual salary of $116,670.”

CareerCast didn’t rank the 10 jobs, which, in aggregate, are projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow by at least 14% in the 7 years. Forbes magazine, however, determined that, based on the median salary and projected growth by 2022 of 14%, pharmacists belonged at the top of the list.

The Forbes article notes that CareerCast also found pharmacy to be growing profession because of a high number of retiring professionals compared to new students.

The magazine points to the general benefit of working in the healthcare sector.

“While many of the new jobs created since the recession are persistently low-paying retail and restaurant positions with no benefits and little chance of advancement, the growing health care sector offers career paths that lead to generous compensation and a secure future,” according to the article.

In the latest 10-year projections of industry growth from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, encompassing 2012 to 2022, healthcare and the social assistance industry are projected to produce one in three of the new jobs in the U.S. over the next decade. Overall, nearly 5 million new jobs are expected to be created in the sector.

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