February 18, 2015
  • Survey: A Third Would Die Younger to Avoid a Daily Cardiovascular Pill

    How much does having to take daily medication affect quality of life? Enough that a surprising percentage of survey respondents said they would take the risk of living a shorter life rather than taking a daily pill to prevent cardiovascular disease. Here are the details, which underscores how challenging it can be for pharmacists to improve medication adherence.

  • Accutane Users Overestimate Effectiveness of Their Contraceptive Methods

    Isotetinoin, marketed as Accutane, is associated with severe birth defects, so women using the drug for severe acne must avoid pregnancy. The problem is that the effectiveness of contraceptive methods is overestimated by that group and pregnancies still occur. Here is how a recent study recommends better education of those women.

  • Some Medical Practices More Likely to Inappropriately Prescribe Antibiotics

    Pharmacists are on to something if they notice that some medical practices inappropriately prescribe antibiotics for respiratory tract infections much more than others, according to a new study. What types of practices tend to overuse the drugs and how do high prescribers affect their colleagues?

  • Blood Pressure Medications Lower Mortality, CV Disease in Diabetes Patients

    Amid a debate about when patients with diabetes should be treated for hypertension and how low their blood pressure can safely go, a new study finds reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and improved mortality with treatment. Find out why the authors suggest that current guidelines could be too conservative.


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