February 25, 2015
  • Even Short-Term HRT Use Raises Ovarian Cancer
    Risk in Women

    Most treatment guidelines don’t address the issue of ovarian cancer risk with hormone replacement therapy, and the few that do suggest it is only a problem with long-term use. A new study, however, warns of significantly increased risk with even short-term use of HRT. Here are the details. 

  • Fish Oil Tops Natural Product Lists for Both
    Adults, Children

    Based on a new government survey, fish oil and melatonin should be flying off the shelves in the natural product section of pharmacies, while bottles of echinacea and garlic gather more dust. Find out how the market has changed for supplements and why that is important.

  • Military Pharmacies Now Enabled to Accept Outside E-Prescriptions

    Military healthcare has the reputation of being ahead of its time. At least in one area, however, that is far from true. In fact, military base pharmacies just this month became enabled to accept e-prescriptions from civilian physicians. Furthermore, the technology can’t be used for all types of drugs. Here are the details.

  • Does Less Adherence to Diabetes Therapy Increase Cancer Mortality?

    Patients with diabetes have higher mortality rates if they develop cancer, but the reasons why aren’t entirely clear. A new study documents lower glucose-lowering medication adherence in those patients, raising questions about whether poor diabetes control could be a factor in lower survival rates. Find out which cancer patients are most likely to stop following their diabetes drug regimens.


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