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March 4, 2015
  • Divorse Rates Lower for Pharmacists Than Other Healthcare Professionals
    Pharmacists appear to have solved the dilemma of work-life balance that often plagues healthcare professionals. Not only do they work sane hours—38.5 per week compared to 50.4 for physicians—but they also have a lower rate of divorce than others in the industry, according to a new analysis. Find out more about the likelihood that pharmacists stay married.
  • Should Steroids Be Used to Lower Treatment Failure in Pneumonia Patients?

    Pneumonia remains the leading infectious cause of death in the developed world, especially when cases are severe and have a high initial inflammatory response. A new study finds that methylprednisolone is associated with a decrease in treatment failure, which occurs in 10 to 20% of patients. Here are the details.

  • Dietary Supplements Versus OTC Drugs:
    Misunderstandings Common

    Are both over-the-counter products and dietary supplements regulated by the FDA? Pharmacists who answered in the affirmative are among the majority who are misinformed about dietary supplements, which are not regulated by the FDA for content, safety or manufacturing processes, according to a new survey. Find out why other government agencies are now cracking down on dietary supplement retailers and manufacturers.

  • Influenza B Virus Increasing; Good Vaccine Match

    The potentially bad news is that influenza B is on the increase at the end of this year’s challenging flu season. The good news is that influenza B is a good match to the current vaccine. Here is more information on what to expect as the flu season winds down.

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