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April 1, 2015
  • Ending Statins in Terminally Ill Improves Quality of Life Without Harm

    In patients near the end of life, when does taking preventative medications such as statins do more harm than good? A new study tackles that question. Here is what the researchers found.

  • What’s Best for Skin Infections? Clindamycin
    or TMP-SMX?

    In the age of MRSA, which antibiotics are best for treated patients with cellulitis and larger skin abscesses? A new study compared the efficacy of clindamycin compared to TMP-SMX. Here are the results.

  • Health System Pharmacists, Others Propose Drug-Shortage Solutions

    As alarming as it is, health system pharmacists sometimes find that they don’t have adequate drug supplies to treat patients, even those who are seriously ill. A group of healthcare organizations, including the ASHP, met last year to brainstorm solutions to drug shortages in the United States. Find out the remedies suggested in a recently published report from the summit.

  • More Than 25% of Acne Patients Not Adherent to Drug Regimen

    Prescribing multiple medications to acne patients may be too much of a good thing. A new study finds that two prescriptions are much less likely to be filled than one. Here is some information on how to improve medication adherence in this group.

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