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April 15, 2015
  • Pediatric Guidelines Would Put More Teens, Young Adults on Statins

    Patients transitioning from pediatric to adult care also may change the way they are treated if they have elevated LDL cholesterol levels. Find out how many more patients aged 17 to 21 years are recommended to start taking statins based on the pediatric guidelines versus the adult guidelines.

  • Influenza Vaccinations Saved 40,000 Lives Over
    9-Year Period

    Pharmacists getting a lot of push back when they recommend flu vaccines may find this information valuable: Despite the variation in effectiveness year to year, immunization against influenza vaccine saved more than 40,000 lives over a 9-year period ending last year. Here are the details.

  • Older Adults With Cancer Likely to Take Too
    Many Drugs

    Older patients with cancer often take too many drugs—often unnecessarily—and that can affect the success of their treatment, according to a new study. Find out the value of a pharmacist’s expert assessment for those patients.

  • Study Reports Rate of Opioid Misuse, Questions Widespread Prescribing

    Despite all the concerns about growing misuse of prescription opioids, little data has existed on the extent of the problem. Now, a new study comes up with estimates for misuse and addiction. Here’s why the authors raise questions about widespread prescribing of the painkillers for chronic pain.

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