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May 20, 2015
  • Healthy Patients on Statins 87% More Likely to Develop Diabetes

    While research has shown for years that patients taking statins are more likely to develop diabetes, some studies suggested the participants, who had myriad co-morbidities, might have already been at high risk. A new study, however, found that even healthy patients who were free of heart disease and other chronic diseases raised their risk of diabetes when initiating statins. Here are the details.

  • Phased SSRI Dosages Could Mitigate Suicide Risks
    in Youngsters

    Because of a black box warning from the FDA in 2004, children and adolescents generally don’t have access to the faster-acting SSRIs to treat depression. New research, however, proposes a regimen to use those drugs in pediatric patients without increasing suicide risk. What do the researchers suggest?

  • Low-Cost Anti-inflammatory Drug Reduces Severe AKI After Cardiac Surgery

    What if administering an inexpensive medication before cardiac surgery could reduce by more than half the risk of developing acute kidney injury requiring dialysis? Dutch researchers suggest that is the case with dexamethasone. Here is what they reported.

  • Unprecedented Support Among Pharmacists for Provider Status Legislation

    Pharmacists and pharmacy students have been busy writing letters urging passage of a law that would give them provider status at the federal level. A recent commentary on the proposed change, however, warns that federal budgetary implications complicate passage of the bill before Congress. Find out what might be necessary to resolve that.

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