May 27, 2015
  • Hypertension Better Controlled With Pharmacist
    on a Team

    A care team including a pharmacist helped uncontrolled hypertension patients lower their blood pressure and reduce their risk of death by stroke by 23%, compared to those receiving only physician care. What appears to have made the difference?

  • Oral Steroids Not Very Effective When Herniated Lumbar Disks Cause Sciatica

    Pharmacists might warn patients not to expect too much when taking a course of oral steroids to improve pain and function from acute sciatica caused by a herniated lumbar disk. A recent study found only modest improvement in function and no pain alleviation. Here are the details.

  • Gluten in Probiotics Could Cause Problems for Celiac Disease Patients

    Probiotics on drugstore shelves may tout their benefit for gut health but actually can worsen celiac disease. Why? A new study finds that 12 of the 22 top-selling probiotics had detectable gluten. Find out what percentage exceeded FDA standards to be labeled as “gluten-free.”

  • Lower Risk Profile for New Antipsychotics
    in Pregnant Women

    Conception rates for women on antipsychotics are increasing, especially with the greater use of the drugs for bipolar and major depressive disorder. Is it safe for them to continue to take the drugs in pregnancy? A new study finds that expectant mothers who use antipsychotic drugs put themselves at no greater risk of developing gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders, or major blood clots, according to a new study, which did not look at long-term effects on the fetus. Here is more information.


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