June 10, 2015
  • Metformin Reduces Risk of Open-Angle Glaucoma
    in Diabetes Patients

    The value of metformin is well known as a first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes. Now, a new study suggests it has a significant additional benefit: reducing the risk of open-angle glaucoma in patients with diabetes. Here are the details.

  • Generic Price Declines Ending; Increases More Than 1,000% for Some

    Generic drug prices have tended to decline over the last several years and continue to do so to some degree. However, price decreases are shrinking and some popular generics are increasing prices as much as 1,000%. A new AARP report warns that the drugs may not be as much of a bargain as in the past.

  • Some NOACs Riskier for GI Bleeding Than Warfarin
    in Patients Over 75

    Novel oral anticoagulants tend to be popular with both prescribers and patients, primarily because they do not require constant monitoring like warfarin. But that does not mean they are for everyone. Find out why a new study cautions about use of the drugs in patients older than 75.

  • Vitamin D, Calcium Not Effective in Ameliorating Menopause Symptoms

    Vitamin D and calcium found in drugstore supplement aisles are popular with women suffering from menopause symptoms such as hot flashes or sleep disturbances. The problem: A new study suggests that using them offers little relief, although the authors add an important caveat to the findings. Here is more information.


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