June 17, 2015
  • Quarter of Cardiologist-Prescribed
    Anticoagulants Inappropriate

    Pharmacists might be surprised to find out how many anticoagulant prescriptions they fill are actually medically unnecessary. A new study suggests that about 25% of cardiologist-prescribed blood thinners go against guideline recommendations for usage. Here are the details.

  • Pharmacist-Led MTM Significantly Reduces
    Hospital Readmissions

    Recently discharged hospital patients receiving medication therapy management services from a community pharmacist had half as many readmissions as patients receiving usual care, according to a new study. Find out what the pharmacists did and how that made a difference.

  • Study Raises Questions About Memory Loss With Statin Therapy Initiation

    In a new study, patients initiating statins were more likely to report memory loss than patients on no drug therapy. Similar memory loss was reported by patients just starting nonstatin cholesterol-lowering drugs. Here’s how the authors explain that.

  • Calcium-Channel Blockers Might Not Raise Breast Cancer Risk

    Research published 2 years ago might have scared female patients away from using calcium-channel blockers to lower their blood pressure, but a new study suggests that might have been premature. Find out what the long-term investigation says about the association of breast cancer with that type of antihypertensive therapy.


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