July 15, 2015
  • Statins Tend to Decrease Aggression in Men, Raise
    It in Some Women

    Statins appear to have an effect on aggression in users, but exactly how varies by a number of factors, including gender. Those are the results of a new randomized trial. Find out why the authors suggest those behavioral effects might be occurring.

  • Pharmacists Get a Brief Break on Some “Track and Trace” Requirements

    The FDA has provided pharmacists a 4-month reprieve on complying with all aspects of the new “track and trace” requirements. Learn why the action was taken and what still must be done to comply.

  • Initial Treatment Plus 18 Months of Warfarin Reduces New Blood Clot Risk

    Ideally, patients should be visiting their pharmacy for anticoagulant treatment for at least 2 years after a first episode of pulmonary embolism. That’s according to a new French study finding significant benefits to adding 18 months of warfarin to initial treatment. Find out how much the risk of additional blood clots was reduced.

  • Safety of Codeine Medications for Children
    Under FDA Scrutiny

    Pharmacists should expect questions from parents trying to determine what to give their children for summer coughs and colds. The FDA has announced its review of the products for pediatric use, and urged that concerns be addressed with pharmacists and other health professionals. Here are the details.


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