July 22, 2015
  • Opioid Users Visiting Multiple Pharmacies Have Higher Overdose Risk

    Customers who visit multiple pharmacies to fill their painkiller prescriptions might have a much bigger problem than lack of loyalty. A new study suggests that those who shop around for opioids are much more likely to be abusers or misusers of the drugs. Here are the details.

  • Newer Cholesterol Guidelines More Accurate in Identifying Patients at Risk

    Cholesterol guidelines issued 2 years ago created a firestorm of controversy. Not only did they introduce an absolute risk score for heart disease, but they also made millions more patients eligible for statins. Find out why a new study says those changes were appropriate and that the new guidelines more accurately predict who is at risk for cardiovascular disease.

  • Some SSRIs in Early Pregnancy Increase
    Birth Defect Risks

    As pharmacists well know, controversy is ongoing about whether depressed women should continue taking their SSRIs during pregnancy. New research that identifies which agents are most likely to cause birth defects—especially when taken early in the pregnancy—can help expectant mothers determine the best course of action. Here is what the analysis found.

  • Testosterone Replacement Doesn’t Significantly Improve Ejaculatory Disorders

    More than 1 in 10 men have ejaculatory issues, but no FDA-approved medication has been approved to help them. A new study finds that testosterone replacement therapy, approved for endocrine disorders, may not be the answer, either. What did the researchers discover about testosterone levels and ejaculatory problems?


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