July 29, 2015
  • Does Antibiotic Use Increase Risk of Juvenile Arthritis?

    Prescribing unnecessary antibiotics for children is common, especially with upper respiratory ailments in which the drugs are ineffective. A new study, however, suggests the risk isn’t just in promoting antibiotic resistance. Find out how researchers linked a greater risk of juvenile idiopathic arthritis to pediatric antibiotic use.

  • Pharmacy Group Urges Caution in Crackdown on Medicare Part D Fraud

    In the rush to judgment after reports of Medicare Part D fraud, congressmembers and others could inadvertently keep patients from getting the drugs they need from legitimate pharmacies. That was one of the arguments made by a leading pharmacy association at a recent hearing in Washington. What other issues concerning pharmacies were raised?

  • New Study Questions Link Between “Low T” Therapy, Blood Clots

    Testosterone replacement therapy does not increase the risk of venous thromboembolism, according to a large case-control study. That’s in spite of an FDA warning to that effect just last year, which was based on postmarketing reports. Here are the details.

  • Individual Prescriber Habits: Biggest Determinants of Antibiotic Overuse?

    It will come as no surprise to pharmacists that some physicians are highly likely to prescribe antibiotics while others rarely do so. Now, thanks to big data, a new study has been able to document the significance of physician preference in antibiotic prescribing through a long-term study at a very large healthcare system. Here is what the researchers found.


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