August 19, 2015
  • CDC Urges Widespread Flu Vaccination Before
    Season's Onset

    Ideally, pharmacists should vaccinate as many people as possible in the fall before the influenza season is in full swing. That advice comes from the CDC. Why do public health officials caution that timing is especially important with older patients?

  • Successful "T" Therapy Linked to Reduced CV Events
    in Older Veterans

    With continuing controversy over the safety of testosterone replacement therapy, a records review with the largest cohort and the longest follow-up to date finds the treatment appears to reduce risk of cardiovascular events for older men but only if normalization of testosterone levels is achieved. Here are the details of the study of U.S. veterans.

  • Corticosteroids Reduce Hospital Stays, Complications
    for Pneumonia

    A review of research on treating community-acquired pneumonia should result in a change of practice, according to the Canadian researchers. The study found significant benefits from use of systemic corticosteroids and few downsides. Here is more information.

  • Brain Injury Recovery Could Be Delayed in Patients
    on Anticholinergics

    Medications used to ameliorate unpleasant symptoms in brain injured patients also could be delaying their overall recovery, according to a new British study. Find out why researchers urge great caution in prescribing anticholinergics to those patients.


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