September 2, 2015
  • Very Old Have High Rate of Statin Use Despite Little Evidence of Effectiveness

    Few evidence-based studies on statins have been performed in the group with the highest rate of use of the drugs. Find out how much the rate of use of the cholesterol-lowering therapy has increased in the very elderly, defined as those older than 79, and what study authors recommend.

  • Pharmacists Have Opportunity to Educate Contact Lens Wearers, Help Reduce Infections

    When drugstore customers purchase contact lens solutions, pharmacists might consider seizing the chance to offer some education to help prevent eye infections. A new CDC survey says those infections are widespread, with nearly all contact lens users engaging in at least one behavior that increases their risk. Here are the details.

  • Specialty Drug Costs Jump Up; Largest Spending Increase Since 2003

    The use of specialty drugs is rising while costs are soaring. The effect? A very large increase in U.S. prescription drug spending last year, according to the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit management organization. Find out what other factors were in play.

  • Varenicline Not Having Much Effect on Rates of Successful Tobacco Cessation

    When varenicline was approved by the FDA in 2006, the healthcare community had high hopes that the drug would be the solution to helping Americans successfully quit smoking. While the drug is effective to a degree, according to a new study, the rate of tobacco cessation hasn’t been affected that much. Here are the details.


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